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Personal Data Protection Act Awareness

Course Objective

​On completion of this course, learners will acquire the basic knowledge on Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). This will enable learners to better performing their role at the same time supporting the organisation's internal process in protecting personal data. 

Course Overview

  1. Key Terms of PDPA​ and the Key Obligations

  2. Consent Obligation

  3. Purpose Limitation Obligation

  4. Notification Obligation

  5. Access & Correction Obligation

  6. Accuracy Obligation

  7. Protection Obligation

  8. Retention Limitation Obligation

  9. Transfer Limitation Obligation

  10. Openness Obligation

Who should attend this Course?

  1. Management

  2. Persons Handling Personal Data

  3. Yet to be Data Protection Officer

Course Duration

4 Hours

Pre-requisites Literacy and Numeracy


Mode of Training

  • Classroom Based Learning or

  • Virtually Conducted by Trainer

Trainer : Trainee Ratio

1 : 20




Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate endorsed by QuESH Consultants Pte Ltd.

Course Fees

Full Fees without subsidy


Course Reference No.


Course Validity Period


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