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ConSASS 2020

MOM and WSH Council are now conducting a pilot trial on the adoption of the revised ConSASS Checklist 2020. WSH Auditing Organisations were invited to participate in this pilot trial on their auditees (construction site) using the revised ConSASS Checklist 2020.

ConSASS stands for Construction Safety Audit Scoring System which was first launched in 2006 by MOM. It aims to have a standardised checklist and scoring system and provides an easy cross comparison between worksites in terms of their effectiveness in managing safety and health risks at work. The ConSASS checklist was developed basing on the requirement from SS 506 Part 1 & 2, CP 79 and Universal Assessment Instruments. It was only from 2011 that all construction worksites with a contract sum of S$30 million or more are required to have their mandatory SHMS audits conducted based on the ConSASS audit and interview checklist. Since then, there were various revisions (2011, 2013, 2015 & 2017) due to the upgrading of SS 506 Part 1 & 2 requirements and refinements.

The following are the main changes on the revised ConSASS Checklist 2020:

· Aligning the elements to ISO 45001 requirement

· Increased number of elements from 17 to 20

· Reduced total number of audit questions from 348 to 203

· Reformulate the 4-Bands System to a 3-Bands System.

· Audit questions are more focused on implementation and less focused on procedural requirement

· Removal of Universal Assessment Instrument questions

· Added questions on WSHC’s programmes such as WSH Advocate, Total WSH, CultureSAFE, SnapSAFE.

The interview checklist will also change with specific questions to be asked during interviews. Moreover, to fulfil the requirements of each question, the passing mark must be at least 70%, e.g. at least 3 out of 4 interviewees responded positively.

Take note that this article is just providing some preliminary information and the revised ConSASS Checklist 2020 may be refined or revised further after the pilot trial.

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