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CultureSAFE Programme

The CultureSAFE programme provides a platform for organisations to embark on a WSH culture-building journey beyond the WSH infrastructure and competency. This programme focuses on cultivating the right WSH mindset and attitudes in every employee in the organisation.

To help organisations build and sustain a progressive and pervasive WSH culture, organisations go through the CultureSAFE cycle, which adopts a one-time Management Engagement Session, followed by a 5-step cyclical approach.

During the CultureSAFE cycle, organisations will make use of the CultureSAFE Model through a perception survey to determine the organisation’s Culture Index, thereafter identifying strengths and areas of improvement in their WSH culture.

Companies in the bizSAFE community are listed on the WSH Council's website and can proudly display the bizSAFE logo on their business collateral, including corporate stationery and marketing materials, as a reflection of their commitment to safety.

bizSAFE allows SMEs to be able to meet contractual requirements by bizSAFE partners, which include major shipyards, large construction companies and developers, as well as town councils and government agencies. These partners require their SME contractors to meet at least bizSAFE Level 3 before being considered for contracts.

Benefits As a participant in the CultureSAFE programme, you get to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Get free usage of the model for assessment,

  • Drive employee engagement and social cohesion within an organisation,

  • Share thoughts, ideas and best practices on WSH culture perspectives,

  • Serve as role models and mentor other companies in improving WSH practices and behaviours,

  • Be part of the CultureSAFE community, and

  • Be awarded certificates (for companies that are active in WSH culture building through the CultureSAFE cycle.)

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