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ISO 22000:2018 - Food safety management systems

After almost 4 years of review, the second edition of ISO 22000 was finally published on 19 Jun 2018!

Food safety is getting more important and popular nowadays due to recent cases of unsafe food processing by unethical business owners.

To ensure safe consumption of food, tight controls must be introduced on every process along the food supply chain. 

Having a robust Food Safety Management System will assist organisation to prevent, eliminate and control foodborne hazards, from the site of production to the point of consumption.

ISO 22000 was first introduced in 2005 with a standardised framework for any size of organisation to adopt with the objective of allowing organisations to identify and control possible foodborne hazards. Such standard also allow organisation to continually seek for improvement in its processes.

The major proposed changes are as follows:

  1. The standard is now adopting the High Level Structure which will be beneficial for organisations managing more than one management system. For example, if organisation is also having a Quality Management System certifying to ISO 9001: 2015, the new ISO 22000: 2018 version requirement could be easily integrated for better implementation.  

  2. Organisations will need to look at risk differently. It will need to take action to address any risks that may impact (either positively or negatively) the ability of the management system to deliver its intended results.

  3. The standard is having two separate PDCA cycles which work together to achieve better effectiveness. One of the PDCA cycle will covers the management system and the other, will covers the principles of HACCP.

  4. The standard also provides a clearer description on some of the key terms such as Critical Control Points (CCPs), Operational Prerequisite Programmes (OPRPs) and Prerequisite Programmes (PRPs).

  5. The standard also emphasis on the control on suppliers which includes outsourced processes. Communication of relevant requirements to the suppliers is needed to ensure meeting food safety management system requirements.

Organisations' Food Management System which is currently certified to ISO 22000: 2005 standard will be given 3 years to transit over to the new 2018 version.

Fee free to contact us for more information on how you can transit to this revised ISO 22000 standard smoothly!



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