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Why do we exist?

QuESH is a young team started in 2007. We started with a simple reason in mind - 'To assist organisations that require our expertise'. The founders were auditors of a reputable ISO Certification Body. On a daily basis, they used to audit companies whom wished to attain International Standard Certifications. Being experienced practitioners and auditors, the founders were upset and frustrated seeing the sloppy work done by so-called consultants who were engaged by companies to assist the latter to establish business management systems. This was total injustice! And so, QuESH was incorporated with the mission to help companies in achieving business excellence in Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health aspects (that's how the name came about!)

Till date, QuESH has assisted thousands of companies in getting recognition for business excellence. From Start-Up Companies to Small & Medium Enterprises, Multinational Companies and also Government Agencies.

As years went by, we realised that while assisting our clients, we were actually creating value for them too. A value that, at that point of time enabled them to advance their mission or achieve certain milestones. Moreover, not only did the organisation gain value themselves but even those individuals who participated in the process with us had also gained certain values.

This gives us a clear picture of our existence. We create value to enable organisation or individual to advance their causes.

Our Vision

To create value for all people and inspire people to create value for other people so that, together, we can create a better world for living.

Our Mission

To provide services suitably and differently thus making people feeling inspired and valued.

Our Values

"Integrity" - Do things morally

"Accountability" - Own your responsibility

"Teamwork" - No man walk alone

"Creativity" - Create a path that leave a trail

Want to know how we help our customers?

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QuESH Consultants (Pte) Ltd


50 Bukit Batok Street 23 #07-10

Midview Building

Singapore 659578

Telephone (Consultancy & General) : +65 6316 6602

Telephone (Training & Registration) : +65 6316 6102

SMS / WhatsApp (Sales & Marketing) : +65 9388 1104

Fax : +65 6316 6927

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