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Utilising outsourced services makes good financial sense as your business gains the flexibility to meet increased workloads or to cover temporary staff absence. This will also help to avoid costs and demands of recruiting. 


Most importantly, you can have a peace of mind getting the job done by a professionally qualified, experienced specialist. Our consultants who are mainly experienced practitioners are able to value add to your team and achieve your business goals together.

Provision of:

  • Business Management System Assessor

  • Information, Communication & Technology Assessor

  • Workplace Safety and Health Officer (WSHO)

  • Environmental Control Officer (ECO)

  • Workplace Safety and Health Coordinator (WSHC)

  • Workplace Safety and Health Supervisor (WSHS)

  • Fire Safety Manager

  • Noise Monitoring Officer

  • Incident Investigator

  • Confined Space Safety Assessor​

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