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Evolution of Consultancy Process

Typically, our consultancy process starts with meeting up the client to understand their needs and expectations. The deliverable, timeline, resources, etc will be discussed during this meet up. This is a very logical and normal process in the industries.  

Perfection is always looking into the small details. Its just like a successful athlete, they cannot just depend on a training routine only. Diet, wellness, mental readiness, etc are also important factors needed to be successful.  With our years of experience, we recognise that each customer's expectation goes beyond the typical process. What customers' need is the attention to address their current issues faced and receiving solutions according to their organisation set up and business processes. This is true as every customer is different and this is where our value lies. We seek to focus on the needs of customers in detail while meeting the ultimate objective of the project. As such, our consultants will make changes to the consultancy process according to the customer's expectation. The so-called typical consultancy process will then change to a coaching and capability building process. This coaching and capability building process requires more time to properly guide our customers. Customers will definitely gain more through this process as in the long run, they will be able to implement and sustain the programmes more effectively.


Craftsman Approach

We are perhaps just like Craftsmen where we listen and then create. Every project will be "handmade" according to the customer's requirements. Just like skillful Craftsmen, they do not have a fixed way of making an art piece. While following certain protocols, they will skillfully made adjustments along the way to perfect the final product. Considerations will also be taken to ensure the final product harmonises with the environment. No fixed way is the way.

It is definitely time consuming, but it is worth it. Especially when the customer values your work.

Working on a Pottery Wheel
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